Lemon Curd


This polyset consists of different shades of (translucent) yellow, non translucent white, and is finished with blue numbers.

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Do you also crave something sweet, but sour at your Dungeons & Dragons sessions?
Try this Lemon Curd, put it at the table, and enjoy your lovely meal!

These dice are a mix of different shades of (translucent) yellow and non translucent white.
They are finished with blue numbers.

This set is composed out of a D4, D6, D8, D10, D%, D12 and a D20.
Therefore, this is a complete polyset and can be used in any game.


The dice set consists of a D4 that is about 16 mm, a D6 that is about 16 mm, a D8 that is about 16 mm, a D10 / D00 or D% that is about 16 mm, a D12 that is about 18 mm, and a D20 that is about 20 mm. They are made of acrylic, a plastic that rolls nicely on your table.

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