Harnessing the awe-inspiring beauty of real satellite data from NASA, these Planet Lamps are a testament to innovation and creativity. Each design represents years of refinement and dedication to achieving perfection. With perfection as the aim, real satellite data from NASA was used to create these planets, and with that it brings outerspace into your space! Buy or gift one of them now!

Experience cosmic allure with the Planet Lamps by Vera's Arts & Dice

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About Me

Hello Everyone!

This is a short story about me, and what I do.

I am Vera, 27 years old, and am studying for a double degree Master in Delft, the Netherlands. These two masters include Management of Technology and Science Education & Communication. Prior to this I obtained my Bachelor in Applied Physics, also in Delft. I choose to make this switch, because I would love to broaden my horizon instead of dive further into depth in physics.

Besides being a student, I started my own little business in June 2020. It began with the love I have for dice and Dungeons & Dragons. My bag of holding kept growing with dice and from this the idea came to expand my dice collection and sell them as a small business. This idea immediately expanded in the will to create my own dice, by hand. From this moment on, I fell into the great depths of the process of making dice. A lot of problems occured, as any other dice maker can vouch for, but every one countered with their help and a lot of patience. This concludes in a very interesting and educational process. I am definitively not done with learning and becoming a dice master! This adventure tossed me in the void, but everyone is increadibly helpful and loving!

At the moment I am still perfecting my dice techniques, but once mastered I love to expand on making dice towers, play mats, trays, jewelry and much more!

I also started to create my own stickers and lamination process! Hope you like them, and I am as always open for requests!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to send me an email
verasartsanddice@gmail.com or find me on social media @verasartsanddice

Be kind, accept and don’t forget yourself!

New Products


Washi Tape



At the moment I am open to commissions for masters (dice to make other dice), also for commercial use. There are different options I can provide.

  • STLs (3D files that you can print your own dice with)
  • STLs with Supports (3D files with supports, so you only have to print them)
  • Masters designed by you, printed by me (with or without supports)
  • Masters with your idea, my design and printed by me

Look at the Commissions header for all information on what I can do for you and for a price indication!
Do you have (another) cool idea, you can always send me a message on social media @verasartsanddice or an email. From that we can discuss and create something to your needs.




Belgium, France, Germany, Sweden, United Kingdom (UK)

Italy, Spain

Canada, United States


Shipping Costs

5 Euros

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8 Euros

Delivery Time

1-3 days

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5 – 12 days

Free Delivery

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Vera’s Arts & Dice
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The Netherlands


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