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Here I try to post my findings and experiences during my proccesses. It could be as simple as writing some more insightful information on a question that has been asked and me doing some extensive research about that, as well as something I really liked to know or write about. I hope you find this useful, if you have any ideas, adjustments or anything else, feel free to shoot me a message on social media @verasartsanddice or an e-mail at

Are (Handmade or Premade) Dice Balanced?

The most asked question to dice makers, the people who make their own dice. Are your dice balanced?
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Dice Set
Balanced or Not?

Which Dice / Die are Which?

Sometimes you don’t know anymore which dice is which and where it is mostly used for, then this is the place for you! A short story with sections on each die / dice to know the basics (and some more).