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Colour Blend

All these pretty dice have two or more colours blended throughout. The colours swirl through them, and therefore you get this beautiful colour blend. Resulting in unique sets. All these sets are online available, so you do not need to leave your comfy couch to get them. Use these sets for any RPG, like Dungeons and Dragons, and Pathfinder. Buy your favorite dice set, and feel mighty rolling them in your dnd game! Below are some examples, but click the banner or here to go to the Colour Blend page and see all the Colour Blend dice.

Opaque Dice

These dice are opaque, and therefore characterised by this feature. But that does not mean that they must be boring, simple and only one colour! The one colour opaque sets characterize by their good readability. If you sometimes struggle to read them of the table, take a look at these one colour and easy to read dice. Besides that there are also some really cool combinations of colour schemes available for the opaque sets. See below, choose your favorite, and buy them from wherever you are in the world, and get them deliverer to your door! All the sets, include seven different die, including a D4, D6, D8, D10, D% and a D20. Ready to use in any related RPG like Dungeons and Dragons or DnD for short. Below are some examples, but click the banner or here to go to the Opaque page and see all the Opaque dice.

Pearlescent Dice

These pretty and shiny dice are one of my personal favorites. These sets have a certain shine, and lovely colours! No colour is excluded and they are a great addition to your hoard. All these sets have the standard 7 dice that concludes in a complete polyset for Dungeons and Dragons or DnD for short. This does not exclude other RPGs or any other boardgames. Get your sets online, from your couch, or even your bed. Send them to your doorstep, with no expense of your energy! Buy your favorite set (or sets) to begin your adventure, or get a special dice set for your favorite character!

Gemstone Dice

These dice are made of real gemstones and are just as beautiful as you imagine them to be. These dice are quite heavy and therefore would preferably rolled on a dice mat or dice tray, which you can find here.

Translucent Dice

All of these are totally or only partial translucent, but you can definitely see through them. Because you can see through, they make up a whole different kind, they are the dice that look completely different from every angle! All of these sets can be bought online, from your couch, bed, pool, or even on the toilet. Do not be afraid, we will not enter your home, we will just deliver your precious package to the doorstep. Used for Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, or any other RPG. Be sure to take your favorite and add them to your hoard!

Glitter Dice

Do you love glitters, except when it is everywhere? Or do you just like some sparkle in your dice, but nothing much? Then these sets will be great for you! All of these sets contain some or some more glitter, but with the extended colour palette there is some set for each need! All the sets contain the standard 7 dice, including a D4, D6, D8, D10, D%, D12 and a D20 which can be used in almost every RPG, including Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder and many more. Ranging from a bit more expensive to really cheap dice sets, you can find something that will fit your wallet!

Inclusions Dice

These dice have something special within them. What exactly? Well, that differs per dice set, from gold foil, to slices of fruit, to art, even to human skulls (fake ones, duh). Get these special dice to your dice hoard right now!

Glow in The Dark Dice

These dice sets are will all glow in the dark! Take you favorite colour, and play one of your games in the dark. It does not matter that you cannot see the enemy, when you can see your dice you can still defeat them. All these sets contain 7 dices including a D4, D6, D8, D10, D%, D12 and a D20. This is a complete set and therefore a standard seven piece set. You can use them for a lot of RPGs, especially Dungeons and Dragons and Pathfinder.

Layer Dice

All of these dice are defined by their layers. Carefully prepared, these layers do not blend. This means that each layer is good visiable, but could be affected by optical illusions. Both ways these sets are all very pretty and need a beautiful and loving home! All these sets include the standard 7 dice, with a D4, D6, D8, D10, D%, D12 and a D20. Commonly used in famous RPGs like Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, and many many more! Whatever game you can use dice for you can come up with new and ingenious games to use them!

Sharp Edges Dice

Did you follow the trend or did you just find these dice exquisite looking? Well, either way these dice should just be your cup of tea. Though be careful with them and don’t let them linger on your floor, because we all know these D4s and the damage that they do.


Don’t know what you are looking for, or just want a surprise dice set for someone special? Then you have landed on the right page to look around. If you still are unsure or do not know, please reach out to me, I am very happy to help!

Package Deals

Do you want dice? Do you want lots of dice? Maybe you are a Dice Goblin, just like me! Or maybe you are just looking to slam a deal and get some cheap ones. Whatever the reason is, you are very welcome, and exactly in the right place!

10 Piece Set

These sets contain of 10 pieces instead of the “normal” 7 pieces. They each have a D4, D6, D8, two D10s, D%, D12, D20, D24, and a D30. So you get a lot more than your normal set and you get all the special ones! Get your own set now!

15 Piece Set

Was the 10 piece dice set still to small, or you maybe want even more special dice?! Well then these 15 piece dice sets might just be for you. These dice sets contain a D3, D5, two D6s of which one is with numbers and the other is with Roman numerals, D7, D8 in an alternative shape, D10, D%, D12 in a rhombic shape, D16, D20, D24, D30, D60, and a D100.


Are you just looking for some more D20s as the one in your set seems cursed? Well, here are some D20s collected for you OR take a chonk D20 home and let your enemies tremble in fear.


Are you looking for some “normal” dice, well these are all normal. You can get them with numbers or with pips (small dots). From simple to complicated, this category has something in store for everyone. Get them now!


Are you looking for a whole lot of D10s? Well then this section is EXACTLY for you. Get your own 10D10 right now!


These accessoires are not ‘needed’ in your favorite games like Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder or other RPGs, but definitely increase the quality of your gameplay!

Your dice will have a greater lifetime when rolled in a tray or on a rolling mat, since they will roll in a velvet like inside, and a sturdy leather like outside. This will protect your dice opposed to a hard (wooden) table.


With your very own D100 you can roll just one die and look really cool doing it. Who has a D100?! Not nearly enough! People love to have these accessoires, to play, fidget or just have fun! Get one yourself, or gift a friend and suprise them!


Always wanted a special dice? Well then you are in the right place, this section has the D60s laying around. Get one now!

Counter Dice

Here you can find some counter dice! Get them to your dice hoard now!

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions and some other facts that you will love!

Where Can I Buy Your Dice?

You can buy your sets anywhere in the world, from your couch, your bed, even your bathtub. It does not matter where you are, if you have an internet connection and some form of payment you can definitely buy your favorite set of dice here!

What should I do if I Cannot Make a Choice?

A suggestion on a specific set to buy is being made in the form of a survey. But do not worry, you can always send me a message via e-mail or on social media @verasartsanddice. I will definitely work out the perfect set for you and your character. Even if you do not have any experience playing Dungeons and Dragons (DnD or D&D), Pathfinder or any other RPG, I will find a dice set that will complement you as a person!

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Showing 1–12 of 1220 results