Here you can see a list of customization options for a polyset, with pictures. If you have any other needs or wishes feel free to send me a message at social media @verasartsandice or via e-mail

For the making of a 3D file for a standard polyset I ask around 35 euros, if you would also like it to be printed and send to your door I ask around 80 euros (plus shipping). This price will increase with the complexity and the number of dice you would want.

See the bottom of the page for all the pictures of different polysets. To make a custom polyset, you can have a look at the options below to know where you can choose from. If you would like any other customization that could be possible as well, please shoot me message and we can work together to get your dream dice masters!


For the different dice:

If you want an extra shape of D4, or an extra of anything else it will not be much more than the base price. It will be way less than ordering one seperatly, so estimate around 3 euros for every extra die on top of a full polyset of 7 dice (D4, D6, D8, D10, D12, D% and a D20). If you wanna swap any die with another one that is also fine by me. Don’t let me clog your creativity!

Also take a look at my commissions page, where you can find many more customized options!

Other Options for Dice Commissions