If you came around a cute design in my webshop there are a lot of options I can offer to make it personalized for you!
You can scale the design, I will make it your desired size. So I can make them smaller or larger.
Also a name, or a background to go with can be added.
Don’t hesitate to contact me to discuss the options with me, and we will make your design work! You can e-mail me at


At the moment I am open to commissions for masters (dice to make other dice), also for commercial use. There are different options I can provide, but this list is definitively not my only capabilities. Do you have another idea or wish, let’s look together and we can make it work! I will lead you through all the basic steps and needs for master commissions, and you just have to answer. Shoot me a message to get in contact with me. This could be via social media @verasartsanddice or by sending me an e-mail at

  • STLs (3D files that you can print your own dice with) around 40 euros
  • STLs with Supports (3D files with supports, so you only have to print them) around 75 euros
  • Masters designed by you, printed by me (with or without supports) around 50 euros including supports and 75 without
  • Masters with your idea, my design and printed by me around 100 euros

Options for Commissions


Options in Dice

Different options that I have standard for making dice files include:

  • Adding a logo or symbol instead of any number
  • Adding a special font for the numbers
  • Adjusting the size of the dice (smaller or bigger)
  • Rounding the edges (or sharpening them)
  • Deepen the numbers (or shallow them)
  • A different distribution of the numbers (another place, distance between the numbers)
  • Adding a line or a point for the 6’s, 9’s or any other numbers
Polyset – Scribble Font
Printed Polyset – Sci-Fi Font

Adventure Dice – Commission