Planet Lamps

Experience cosmic allure with the Planet Lamps by Vera's Arts & Dice

Elevate your space with our captivating Planet Lamps, the ultimate addition to infuse ambiance into any room. Ideal for children’s bedrooms, gaming havens, cozy retreats, or for creating enchanting nightlights. Immerse yourself in celestial vibes with our unique designs, meticulously crafted to bring the cosmos into your home.

Harnessing the awe-inspiring beauty of real satellite data from NASA, these Planet Lamps are a testament to innovation and creativity. Each design represents years of refinement and dedication to achieving perfection. With perfection as the aim, real satellite data from NASA was used to create these planets, and with that it brings outerspace into your space!

While the collection boasts stunning renditions of Earth’s celestial neighbors, such as Mars and Venus, it’s important to note that some planets, like Saturn, Neptune, Uranus, and Pluto, currently lack high-resolution satellite scans. Fear not, for these planet just had some cosmostic (cosmetic) surgery done by artisans to ensure these celestial bodies are as captivating as their counterparts. Rest assured, customers have embraced the artistry behind these interpretations with enthusiasm.

Illuminate your space with celestial wonder. Discover the magic of the Planet Lamps today!

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