D2, D6, D20 – Space Invaders Alien (3D File STL)


A D2, D6, D20 with a space invaders alien as a symbol or logo on the highest number respectively.


A D2, D6 and D20 with a Space Invaders Alien on the 2, 6, and 20 side respectively, and with sharp edges.
This Space Invaders Alien is a symbol instead of a number that normally would stand in their place.
These D2, D6 and D20 can be used in any RPG and is most commonly used in Dungeons & Dragons (DND).
Also easy to use if you are making your own dice and will use this for a master.
Can be used for commercial use, if used for making your own dice (not for selling masters).

You will get the files together and seperate.
So you will get 4 files in total.

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