Space Package


Four sets of dice that resemble space in its most beautiful way. Get them to your table now!
Including Purple Stars in Space, Blood Darkness, Black Gold, and Milky Way.

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Welcome to the most empty space ever!
Space is mostly empty, and only partially filled with planets, stars, and whatever

These are all polysets, so they consist of 7 dice, a D4, D6, D8, D10, D%, D12 and a D20.

This set includes Blood Darkness, Purple Stars in Space, Black Gold, and Milky Way.
They can all also be bought seperately, but then you pay more than in this Space Package!

Blood Darkness is a pretty combination of translucent red with black as space, and finished with gold numbers.
Purple Stars in Space is alike as it is translucent purple with black as space, and also finished with gold numbers.
Black Gold is space seen from the back of a glowing star or planet, black and gold, and finished with silver numbers.
Milky Way speaks for itself with its beautiful name, reminding us of what beautiful colours are out there, finished with gold numbers.

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