Colour Splash


Four sets of dice that will give you a pretty rainbow for your dice hoard!
Including Blood Apple, Princess Pink, Blue Ice, and Rising Phoenix.

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Do you want an array of colours in your dice hoard?
This will be the package deal for you!
Splash all those colours together and gain this package

These are all polysets, so they consist of 7 dice, a D4, D6, D8, D10, D%, D12 and a D20.

This set includes Blood Apple, Princess Pink, Blue Ice, and Rising Phoenix.
They can all also be bought seperately, but then you pay more than in this Colour Splash Package!

Blood Apple is a cute combination of translucent green and red, and is finished with gold numbers.
Princess Pink is what every princess wants and needs, beautiful pinks combined with translucent white, and finished with gold numbers.
Blue Ice is exactly what you can expect on a very cold day, translucent blue and white giving a very icy feel, and finished with gold numbers.
Raising Phoenix, last but definitly not least, the phoenix will rise from the ashes with its beautiful red and yellow, and finished with silver numbers.

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