Glow in the Dark Apples


This polyset is green glow in the dark and is finished with black numbers.

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These apples glow in the dark!
Look out maybe they are poisonous! Who know?!
Maybe you can even poison your enemies with them!

These dice are green and  glow in the dark.
They will glow green and are finished with black numbers.

This set is composed out of a D4, D6, D8, D10, D%, D12 and a D20.
Therefore, this is a complete polyset and can be used in any game.

The dice set consists of a D4 that is about 16 mm, a D6 that is about 16 mm, a D8 that is about 16 mm, a D10 / D00 or D% that is about 16 mm, a D12 that is about 18 mm, and a D20 that is about 20 mm. They are made of acrylic, a plastic that rolls nicely on your table.

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Dimensions 7 × 8 × 2 cm


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