6D20 Countdown


The D20s are countdown, so following numbers are next to each other, they are all pearlescent, and all have white numbers, except the white D20, that one has gold numbers. It is a set including a black, white, blue, purple, red, and green D20.

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If you just need some more D20s in your dice bag, then this set is just for you!
All including pretty colours and they are a little bit larger so you can more easily read its numbers.

The D20s are all pearlescent. All but the white one have white numbers.
They are black, white with gold numbers, blue, purple, red, and green.
They are also countdown D20s, which means that the numbers that are counting down are next to each other.
They are 22 mm, so a tad largers than normal D20s who are around 20 mm.


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