Colour Blended Dice

All these dice are a blend of two or more colours that blend into each other. This results in the dice being unique and one of a kind. Get your own special dice set for you favorite character now!

Don’t know what to choose for yourself, a friend, or someone you do not know very well?
Let me know, and I will help you find the perfect set!

The blend colour dice are available in the colours of the rainbow, and almost every combination of them.
You can get them wherever you are, from the couch, bed, bath, your Dungeons and Dragons table, or even a dungeons. Order them now, and get them delivered as soon as possible to your door!

Are these blend colour dice not éxactly your cup of tea? Don’t you worry, I have a lot more in store for you! Check out the dice page for some more inspiration. Is it still not exactly what you were looking for?

Don’t be afraid to send be an e-mail at or on social media @verasartsanddice
I am very happy to help you get the perfect dice set!